Polifonia - Płyty Bartka Chacińskiego Polifonia - Płyty Bartka Chacińskiego Polifonia - Płyty Bartka Chacińskiego


1 CUP Spinning Creature Northern Spy
1 Fenella Fehérlófia Fire
1 Itasca Spring Paradise of Bachelors
1 Moon Bros. The Easy Way Is Hard Enough Western Vinyl
1 Rachel Grimes The Way Forth Temporary Residence
1 Renaldo & The Loaf The Elbow Is Taboo / Elbonous Editions Mego
1 Sudan Archives Athena Stones Throw
1 Upsilon Acrux The Last Pirates of Upsilon Cuneiform reed.
1 Upsilon Acrux In The Acrux Of The Upsilon King Cuneiform reed.
1 Upsilon Acrux Last Train Out Cuneiform reed
1 VA Volucris Avis Dirae​-​Arum Cuneiform
1 Warmduscher Tainted Lunch
8 El Wali Tiris Sahel Sounds
8 Moor Mother Analog Fluids Of Sonic Black Holes
8 SUSS High Line Northern Spy
8 Xylouris White The Sisypheans Drag City
12 Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash, Tony Orrell BleySchool 577 Records
15 Bert Jansch ‘Avocet’ 40th Anniversary Edition Earth arch.
15 Bonnie „Prince” Billy I Made a Place Drag City
15 Ekoplekz In Search of the Third Mantra Front & Follow
15 Guerilla Toss What Would the Odd Do? NNA Tapes
15 Ziúr ATØ Planet Mu
22 Coma Voyage Voyage City Slang
22 Health&Beauty Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure Wichita